Versal launched in 2002 under the umbrella of wordsinhere, a community organization founded to develop a rooted and self-sustaining international literary community in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The inaugural issue of Versal was released in late December of 2002. It was one of the first literary magazines to emphasize high production values and design and to feature artists and their work on equal footing with the writing. Over the course of its 12 editions, Versal has reached across the globe to spotlight the world’s premiere, though perhaps unknown, poets, writers, and artists.

Over the years, wordsinhere also developed extensive programming in the Netherlands and abroad, including The Open Stanza (2002-2007), workshops, and multiple writing groups. In 2011, with a literary community now propelled by its own momentum, the organization decided to focus its efforts on the journal and continue under the name Versal.

In 2014, Versal launched VERSO /, a live version of its curated pages, in cooperation with the world-renowned Mezrab in Amsterdam’s eastern docklands.