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Talks By Women Thinkers: Implementing Enemy Technology

  • Butcher's Tears 45 Karperweg Amsterdam, NH, 1075 LB Netherlands (map)

Talk with Samantha Carter:

The Internet is often attached to ideas about liberation and revolution. Consequently, Cuban Internet (or lack there of) is quickly dismissed as backwards or repressive. Yet, the Internet’s architecture, historical development, commercialization, and governance have been largely determined by Western countries. Cuba provides an interesting point of departure as the only country to experience a revolution as a neo-colony, with an official government stance against imperialism. In an interactive discussion, we’ll interrogate the notion of the Internet as a liberatory force using Cuba as a case study. The following questions will guide the discussion: 1. How is telecommunications used in international conflict? 2. Is the Internet a liberatory force? 3. What definitions of liberation is the Internet perpetuating? 4. How does imperialism manifest in the digital world? 5. How can regular folks reclaim the Internet and guide its trajectory?

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